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About Wreck Check

Members of Wreck Check share a passion for exploring the World's oceans to locate and document underwater cultural heritage. We enjoy the thrill of search and discovery in remote and little-known underwater environments where we can apply our various research talents (scientific, archaeological and historical) to answering questions about the past.


We are keen to share our experiences and encourage community interests, to working collaboratively on shared maritime cultural heritage projects, with like-minded individuals and organisations around Australia and around the globe. As a small not-for-profit association, we have the flexibility to concentrate our efforts on researching, searching for and promoting interest in previously unknown/unfound sites.


We want to inform people of both the day-to-day desk-research, fieldwork planning, and fieldwork processes we enjoy so much, and of the results we achieve. We know that collaboration extends not just to our partner organisations, but to the individuals around the world who read our Web Page. We rely on your generosity of spirit, sharing your knowledge through commentary and advice, with the quests upon which we are engaging. 

Graeme Henderson


Chairman of Wreck Check


Meet The Team

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